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May 16, 2022
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May 16, 2022

Solatube TechLED DALIeco light-/movement sensor < 13 m

This light and movement sensor is designed for the TechLED system, including IP-protected light fittings. The sensor provides movement (presence) detection via an active radar sensor element and has an adjustable motion detection range. The light sensor works between 20 and 800 lx (measured at sensor) and the unit has an integrated infrared remote control receiver. The sensor has a mounting height of 2 to 13 metres, which makes it suitable for use in industrial lighting applications, such as corridor lighting control in logistics centres and factory halls, and generally for areas with high ceilings.

Product features

  • Light and presence sensor for Solatube TechLED fixture
  • Presence detection via active radar sensor element
  • Function indicator with two-colour LED
  • Motion detection range adjustable
  • Mounting height: 2 to 13 metres
  • Light sensor operating range: 20 to 800 lx (measured at sensor)
  • Integrated infrared remote control receiver

The sensor must not be installed in areas where there is considerable air movement (air conditioning / ventilation) or heat sources (photocopier / hot air blower) as this may trigger incorrect sensing.

D821001-00 Solatube TechLED DALIeco can only control one Solatube TechLED DALIeco light-/movement sensor < 13 m
The cable length between the two should not exceed 2 metres

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Dali Yes
Nominal voltage 220 ….. 240 V
Operating range 20…800 lx
Maximum installation height 13 meters
Protection class 2
Ambient temperature range -20…+50 °C
Energy Class (874/2012/EC ) A
Product guarantee 3 years


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CAD Drawing PDF Solatube TechLED DALIeco light-movement sensor 13 m D821028-00

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