The more natural light you use the less artificial light you need.
Save money, go green and improve your environment, naturally.

What we do

  • Capture natural light through Rooftop domes.
  • Transport via 99.7 % highly reflective tubing.
  • Distribute at Ceiling level, evenly and without shadows.
  • Provides up to 100% of interior lighting.
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Features and Benefits

  • Provides up to 100% of interior lighting - Paying for artificial light in the daytime, Put simply, is daylight robbery.
  • Switches automatically to LED lights - Low light levels trigger efficient artificial LED lighting, only as and when needed, saving money and the environment.
  • Boosts Vitamin D – Studies have found increased vitamin d helps protect against viruses.
  • Transforms your environment –A study by the Harvard business review found the number one requested workplace perk was natural light. The US board of education reported a 26% increase in reading learning rates in naturally lit classrooms.
  • Adds towards your green credentials – Achieve your carbon neutral goals.
  • Minimum heat loss and gain – Benefiting from reflective tubing means our technology does not have to be as big as traditional sky lights on the market. Saving heat in winter and staying cooler in summer.
  • Self-cleaning – Self-cleaning throughout the year so effortless to maintain.
  • ShadowlessUnlike traditional glass sky lights, our lighting uses a diffuser so a shadow is not cast across the room throughout the day, keeping light levels consistent throughout the required space.


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Frequently asked questions

How much should I expect to save?
Research has shown just 1 small unit can save as much energy as watching 259,000 hours of television. But of course, this all depends on how much your artificial lights are currently in use during daylight hours.
Why are these better than traditional sky lights?
Traditional sky lights don’t have the benefit of reflective tubes so they have to be much bigger to get the same amount of light inside. This becomes very hot and unbearable in summer and costly heat escapes in winter. Also, traditional glass skylights don’t have a diffuser which stops a shadow being casted across the room though out the day.
Is this a new product?
No. Thousands of homes and businesses across the world are already using this technology to save money and improve their indoor environment.
Is there any funding available?
For businesses, yes. Because this is low carbon technology and helps towards a greener environment there is government funding available.
Is it CE rated?
Of course. All our kit meets the highest health, safety and environmental protection standards.
Will it compromise the roof structure?
Not at all, all our installers are experts with years of experience.
Will this improve mental health?
Lots of research has shown this to be true. Especially in the winter months when people arrive at work, it’s dark, and then leave work its dark, but sit in artificial light all day long!
What is the life Span?
Some units are still in use after 30 years!
Will it work at night?
If the optional dimmable LED kit is installed, then yes.
Is there a warranty?
In addition to a manufacturer’s 10 year warranty on hardware there is a 5 year warranty on the optional integrated LED lighting system. We also provide, for your piece of mind, a 5 year installations warranty.


Commercial solutions

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Industrial solutions

Skylights are not decorative features, they can actively boost your bottom line.




Domestic solutions

Brighten your home, and your mood.




Our passionate and dedicated team of architects and installers will guide you through the process with zero down time to your facility, turning your workplace into a sustainable, energy efficient and
welcoming place to be.




As NetZero approaches there is a growing urgency for businesses of all sizes and sectors to lower their carbon output. Our actions over the next ten years will be critical to the future. Not taking positive steps now could be irreversible for human and economic growth as well as the world we live in.

Lighting accounts for a large proportion of a business’s energy spend. In many cases energy use is unavoidable, though in some cases, it can be. Using artificial light in the daytime can be a pointless drain of recourses. Natural Light Solutions tubular daylighting devices eliminate the need for artificial light and gets you ahead of the game as the world prepares for NetZero.




  • Best thing I ever did utilizing natural light and finding you guys.
    Mustafa Ashraf
    Samson Hosiery
  • What a transformation! It was a no brainer, in this day and age with the climate concerns and NetZero targets it should be a requirement!
    Alan Young
    Craftsman Coachworks.


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