Natural Light Solutions (NLS) provides high quality, durable, natural lighting products and integrated, low carbon solutions for a wide range of domestic and industrial lighting and roof maintenance requirements.  Applications include domestic properties, commercial and retail premises, transport buildings, sports and leisure facilities, industrial and warehouses structures as well as institutional premises.


Lighting accounts for a large proportion of business energy bills so ask for a free, no obligation NLS site survey and quote.  Our team of skilled professionals will provide you with a detailed survey and quote, covering all your current and future requirements. Providing peace of mind that the investment will bring immediate returns with reduced energy bills and carbon footprint.


More daylight in buildings brings energy savings, increased productivity, health benefits, lower emissions and a better quality of life.National Association of Roof Light Manufacturers


Our product range can significantly reduce the need for artificial lights and help to allow healthy natural light in to the workplace to enhance the working environment.  We can also provide integrated solutions which pair the power of natural light with automatic LED lighting systems for 24 hour, low cost lighting for many environments.

Rooflight options include, sun tunnels and polycarbonate materials that match most cladding and corrugated metal roofing systems currently in the field. Products can be supplied and installed either as simple single skin applications or as bigger composite panels delivered directly on site.

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Tel: 07412984008.

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