Solatube sealant (for use with polypropylene pitched roof flashing slate/plain tile)
May 15, 2022
Solatube high-tack sealant (for use with ubiflex flashing)
May 15, 2022

Solatube M3000 expansion foam (for use with side wall casing)

For making Solatube side wall penetrations through stone or concrete water and gas tight.

Packaging tube: 300 ml

Product features

  • Not biodegradable;
  • Curing time 30 min;
  • Cuttable 5 min;
  • Water resistant;
  • Shrink-free;
  • Oil resistant;
  • Aging resistant;
  • Rot resistant;
  • Solvent resistant;
  • Gas tight (pressure 3 bar).


The M 3000 expansion foam is a 2-component product that comes out of the tube very heavily. In addition, it does not have a regular plunger (piston) at the back of the cartridge. Ordinary caulking guns cannot handle this pressure. The manufacturer therefore recommends using the accompanying caulking gun, the PP6. This PP6 pistol has a modified head so that it fits accurately in the plunger.

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Product guarantee 10 years
Materials used MS Polymer
Country of Manufacture The Netherlands


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