Solatube Ø 35 cm airtight seal
May 15, 2022
Solatube Ø 35 cm LightTracker flex
May 15, 2022

Solatube Ø 35 cm dome polycarbonate flex

Techcomlight limited has consciously chosen polycarbonate as the material of choice for the Solatube roof dome.


In the UK, does it matter what material the roof dome is made from? 

Yes, it does matter because the roof dome replaces a part of the roof covering and specific UK

regulations apply in this event to ensure the integrity of the roof is not compromised in the event of

a fire.


What restrictions apply to the use of roof dome materials?

All materials used on roofs must have a classification and there is a minimum classification

requirement for thermoplastic rooflights (Class 3 or European class D-s2, d2); unclassified materials

are automatically deemed non-compliant and should not be used. The Solatube polycarbonate dome complies to these requirement.


How do I ensure the product already installed or about to be installed complies?

Ask your supplier or installer for the roof dome material classification. They should provide

you with an accredited material classification for the product supplied or a UK accreditation such

as a BBA Certificate which confirms the regulations with which the product complies and its

classifications. If your supplier cannot provide proof of the dome material classification, then you

cannot be sure or prove that the product complies with UK Building regulations.


The technical specification of the Solatube polycarbonate roof dome in relation to fire is as follows;

Reaction to Fire ( EN 13501‐1) :  C‐s3, d0

External Fire Performance of roofs ( EN 13501‐5): BROOF(t4)

Resistance to impact ( EN 1873) : SB 1350

BBA Technical Approval: Yes

FM Approval: Yes

CE / Declaration of performance : Yes

Solar Impulse efficient Solution approval: Yes

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Product guarantee 10 years
Materials used Polycarbonate
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 2.48 Kg


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