Custom-made daylighting system (prefab) basement
May 12, 2022
Solatube Ø 25 cm diffuser round classic vusion
May 13, 2022

Custom-made (prefab) chimney daylight system


Ever considered using your chimney as a light source?
Techcomlight can supply prefabricated chimneys complete with an integral tubular daylight system. In collaboration with prefabricated chimney manufacturing companies, we can supply a chimney in many finishes and to suit either a pitched (end gable, ridge or mono-pitch mounted) or flat roof. Capturing and transporting daylight via the chimney is a smart way to create more light in the house without compromising the available space on the roof or the appearance of the house.

Prefab chimney options
The prefabricated chimney with daylight supply is available in various sizes and designs. The most common variant is the prefab chimney with an integral  Solatube® daylight tube with a diameter of Ø 25 cm or Ø 35 cm. However, as the chimneys are custom made, it is all possible to integrate larger diameter daylight systems if required. The prefab chimney can be multifunctional as a flue can be included in addition to the daylight system in order to retain the chimneys original function.

Daylight dome instead of chimney
If your chimney is no longer required, it is possible to convert your chimney from a flue to a point of entry for daylight. The Solatube® daylight tube draws in daylight from outside and transports this light down through the chimney to any desired space within the building below. If a dome is not desired, a Deplosun daylight system can be integrated into the chimney which has a low profile glass daylight collector instead.



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