Custom-made daylighting system (prefab) basement
May 16, 2022
Solatube Ø 53 cm system square pitched roof
May 16, 2022

Custom-made daylighting system fauna tunnel, bicycle tunnel, traffic tunnel, railway tunnel

Fauna tunnel
With daylight a fauna tunnel is interesting and inviting during the day for reptiles, amphibians, hedgehogs and badgers. Many animals are attracted by light and tend to walk in its direction, therefore if a fauna tunnel is too long without light animals could be discouraged to enter and use the tunnel.

Bicycle tunnel, traffic tunnel, railway tunnel
Insufficient light within bicycle tunnels, road tunnels or railway tunnels can induce the feeling of being trapped or claustrophobic. To meet both road and social safety requirements, tunnels should not be significantly darker than outside and the colour of the light should be as close to natural daylight as possible.

Additional light is required at the entrance of tunnels to help the eyes of those that enter to adjust to the transition from light to dark. The advantage of daylight systems from Techcomlight in this application is that the amount of light they provide is relative to the intensity of the daylight available outside.

Daylight systems from Techcomlight can be recessed into the wall or ceiling of a tunnel to protect them from vandalism and can also be supplied with a low profile daylight collector that can be walked or driven over if foot or vehicle traffic crosses over the tunnel

Sustainable tunnel
Tunnels lit 24 hours a day by electrical lighting consume a lot of energy. When lit with daylight systems, the artificial lighting in the tunnel can be switched off during the daylight hours, which results in an enormous reduction in the total energy consumption of the tunnel. The provision of daylight makes a tunnel sustainable and also low maintenance, as maintenance costs for electrical lights running 24 hours a day can be high.

Not every application is the same, therefore the unique tunnel terminal can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. If you require daylight in either a new or existing tunnel Techcomlight’s daylight professionals are happy to help you.

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